2017 Tortosa, Spain. Globus Verd A Cel Obert.
2017 Ciudad de México, México. Installations at Tag CDMX Festival.
2017 São Paulo, Brasil. Estar Azul at the São Paulo Design Weekend.
2017 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Espaço Tempo Movimento em Processo: MOV 1 at Fábrica Bhering.
2016 Barcelona, Spain. Installation in Silencis project at Escola La Llacuna.
2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Installation in ArtRio at Museu da República. Gruta.
2016 Barcelona, Spain. Exhibition at Galería Mutuo. Mentrestant.
2016 Paris, France. Installation L'Ellipse pour Zadig & Voltaire.
2015 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Photo Exhibition at Estúdio Belas Artes.
2015 Rome, Italy. Installation at Outdoor Festival.
2015 Lisbon, Portugal. Installation at Super Bock Super Rock Music Festival.
2015 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Installation at Escola de Artes Visuais Parque Lage.
2014 Barcelona, Spain. At N2 Gallery, Penique productions presents the first non ephemeral exhibition.
2014 Barcelona, Spain. Installation at the main building of Universitat de Barcelona.
2014 Madrid, Spain. Collaboration with Woz'ere agency to make an installation for Heineken at Arco's fair.
2013 Lisbon, Portugal. The collective participates with an intervention at Festival IN.
2013 Beirut, Libanon. The collective participates with an intervention at Beirut Art Week event.
2013 Beirut, Libanon. Penique productions show his work at the Beirut Art Fair 2013.
2012 Paris, France. During Paris Fashion Week 2012, the Maison Martin Margiela company commissioned Penique productions to create the scenography for the presentation of their new Spring-Summer collection.
2012 Vilanova de Cerveira, Portugal. The 180 cultural content channel organized the first edition of the Cerveira Creative Camp, where Penique productions offered talks and workshops about their experiences to young people interested in art, design and media.
2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Collaborate with Aandacht studio to make an Auping comercial.
2012 São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Brasil; Barcelona, Spain. NOVA multidisciplinary art festival.
2011 Querétaro, México. CutOut Fest animation festival.
2011 México DF, México. Penique productions was commissioned by media production company MUV to create the scenography for a short horror film called Un, Dos, Tres.
2011 Genova, Italy. Winners of the SHOT (Sala Dogana Hands-On Transformation) contest, organized by the Palazzo Ducale.
2011 Barcelona, Spain. Project carried out in collaboration with the Escola de Disseny BAU for the XXII Desfilada de Moda at the Palo Alto artistic and cultural production centre.
2011 Barcelona, Spain. Sala B at the Absolut Art Space gallery.
2011 Madrid, Spain. The collective was invited to participate in the Artists’ Residency program promoted by CSA La Tabacalera in Madrid.
2010 Barcelona, Spain. Penique productions was chosen to take part in the group show Sense Títol: a traditional annual exhibit of work produced by the graduating class at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universitat de Barcelona.
2010 London, UK. The collective takes part of the Market State Project.
2009 Barcelona, Spain. Penique productions participates on the last edition of Cerka’l Festival, Piera.
2009 Nottingham, UK. Bathroom at Nottingham Trent University.
2008 Nottingham, UK. The Green Sack at Nottingham Trent University.
2007 Barcelona, Spain. Espai1 at Universitat de Barcelona.