Espaço 180
Lisbon, Portugal
November 14th to 17th of 2013
18 x 15 x 8 m

This new project is performed in Lisbon in collaboration with TV channel 180. An outdoor installation is proposed as part of the Festival IN, the innovation and creativity fair. A group of flagpoles, regularly distributed becomes an eight-metre high container. An area of 180 centimeters separates constantly the spars that limit the piece, set the pace and order the inflatable form.

The installation offers three different perceptions to the viewer: an imposing cube-shaped volume is created, inside a passable route that hugs the perimeter is drawn, and an entrance to an open central courtyard is left. This arrangement enhances the dialogue between interior and exterior, allowing a simmultaneous experience of being inside and outside of the work at the same time. In the interior the red plastic stains the light when it gets through, while outside the white sticks and blue sky are highlighted.