Globus Verd A Cel Obert
Tortosa, Spain
October 6th to 8th of 2017
15 x 21 x 21 m

In 2016, when we met the fantastic festival, A Cel Obert, Penique productions creates a specific project for the Pati de Sant Jaume and Sant Maties (1544) which presents at the 2017 call.

Selected to participate in the Festival, the group travels to Tortosa to realize the work Globus Verd in which, in order to enhance the artistic and historical value of the emblematic local, install three inflatables in the corridors that surround the patio, one on each floor. From the center of the opera you can see how the enormous green balloons surround the Renaissance courtyard, highlighting the sculptural details of the roasted stone, while come out prominent throught the symmetrical arches formed between the columns, as if it were a single balloon. Inside the inflatables, the monochromatic plastic layer unifies the architecture in color and texture although its certain transparency allows to contemplate the patio from higher points of view. Throughout the day, the installation changes with sunlight, generating endless sets of lighting effects, and breathes with the public access.

With more than 1000 visitors, we come back home very happy, with the jury prize and the popular price of the children. Thanks A Cel Obert!