Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
September 27th to October 2nd of 2016
10 x 20 x 6 m

Curator Isabel Portela invites the collective to participate in the exhibition Intervenções Urbanas Art Rio, taking place in the Museu da República gardens, Rio de Janeiro. The park will be occupied from September 27th – 2nd October, 2016, along with work from 14 other artists - Penique Productions have chosen to create an installation in the garden’s cavern. A pink inflatable entirely occupies the grotto, appearing through openings, its large, bulbous, shocking pink extremities contrasting & correlating with the rounded grey rocks.

When viewed from the exterior, the entire lake, stones, balloon and vegetation unite as a single sculptural piece. From the inside, accessed via a mysterious entrance which visitors can enter one-by-one, you are confronted by a suffocating experience penetrating into the depths of the installation. Moving into the heart of the inflatable, you are transformed from darkness into a vivid, surreal pink cave illuminated by 50 warm-white lights. The light, the color and its wrinkled folds, the artworks personality, echo the air pressure in the installation, and when contrasted with the grotto’s irregular lines, create an organic environment resembling something in a living body.