Rome, Italy
October and November of 2015
10 x 20 x 8 m; 5 x 10 x 4 m

Penique Productions, having been invited to the Outdoor Festival in Rome, would like to present another unpublished work. Under express demand from the collective the chosen venue is a room with two entrances/exits. Taking this as a starting point the room will be home to two different spaces. These two spaces will be completely related and dependent, one on the other. Two inflatables that, given the type of access, breathe intensely as the public comes and goes. Two balloons, two colors. Through one door they will come upon the yellow inflatable that, contained by the structure of the building, engulfs the red inflatable as if they were just one object. From the other door visitors access the red balloon from where they can see the pressure relationship established between the two inflatables with greater clarity. Two rooms in one space in which visitors interact, taking in their surroundings; they can touch each other but otherwise there is no contact.