Barcelona, Spain
June 16th to July 9th of 2016
3 pieces, different sizes

On June 16th 2016, the collective opens at the new location of Galeria Mutuo, Barcelona. Occupying the new gallery space, Penique Productions presents an experimental proposal of moving inflatables. For the first time, the group will utilize a new material for the installation – a brittle, shiny, chrome-plated texture, manipulated by the controlled dynamism of crackling sound delivered from electronic devices.

The installation consists of the three parts. Firstly, the public enters via a golden inflatable, contrasting heavily with the silver that dominates the installation. Secondly, pushed along the passageway between the two, the visitor is exposed to the dialogue of both swollen inflatables fighting for space. Finally, the public experiences a mutating & pulsating sculptural work, seemingly alive.